Casco Motor Vehicle insurance

Casco Motor Vehicle insurance
The insurance provides protection against various damage to the vehicle caused by the fault of the driver or the fault of third parties. Auto Casco insurance is an insurance from the damage done to the owner’s vehicle and this insurance is not compulsory.

Insured vehicles:
- Light vehicles
- Commercial vehicles
- Trailers and semi-trailers
- Vehicles with foreign registration
- Mopeds , ATVs
- Construction and agricultural machinery

Covered risks:
- Fire, explosion, short circuit 
- Natural disasters
- Traffic accident
- Malicious acts of third parties
- Theft of the entire vehicle
- Robbery of the entire vehicle

Additional coverage:
- Providing a replacement vehicle in the event of a loss
- Claim an insurance indemnity at place of damage
- Free roadside assistance
- Paid marking of the vehicle on the spot 
- Payment of insurance compensation for damage within 7 days of submission of all required documents