Motor Third Party Liability Insurance

Motor Third Party Liability Insurance to owners and drivers of vehicles

covers the liability of the motor owners and drivers against material damages/non-material damages they have caused to third parties by using the insured motor vehicle.

MTPL Insurance must be concluded for all vehicles with Bulgarian license plates. Vehicles with foreign registration are not insured.

In providing international insurance Green Card for the Member States of the European Union, EEA and third countries (member countries of the Green Card System) liability limits are the minimum limits of liability that apply according to the law in the Member State on the territory of which the insured event has occurred, or the coverage under the law of respective territory where vehicle is normally based when that coverage is higher.

The term of insurance is one year. Conclusion of insurance for a shorter period shall be permitted only for vehicles with temporary or transit lecense plates; or at the conclusion of insurance from companies performing the import and sale of motor vehicles; or at the conclusion of insurance on slow-moving vehicles; or when concluding insurance for mobile machinery.